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Request your complete student health record in about a minute. It's every student's right to be able to get a copy of it.

Once your records are in Swellbox, you can access your health information anywhere — from campus, to a foreign country, and everywhere in between.

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2Automatically import your records.

It's quick + easy
Sit back and watch your immunization records (and more, depending on the portal you link) flow to you.

Swellbox also links to most major insurance and hospital portals across the United States. Link all your portals in minutes and collect your complete medical record into one portal with Swellbox.

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  • Physical Exams
  • Immunizations
  • Concussion Baselines
  • Lab Tests
  • MRI Results
  • Physical Therapy Plans

3 Keep them

Graduate to Swellbox
A simple, secure and free, lifetime health account that students can use to collect their health information from anywhere on campus and have forever.

We organize confusing medical data into an intuitive + sleek timeline, and pledge lifetime access for students after graduation.

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A fully digitized solution that lets you request and
import your data from anywhere it resides on campus,
and consolidate it

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