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Feb 19
Caffeine may lead to a longer life, new study finds
Perk up. That daily cup of coffee could guarantee many more mornings.
Feb 15
Not Getting Enough Sleep? Camping In February Might Help
Living most of life indoors can get your body clock out of phase. A fairly painless way to synch it is to spend a weekend camping, researche...
Feb 15
Your Brain on Music: Why Certain Songs Bring Pleasure
The pleasure people get from listening to music may be due to endogenous opioids in the brain, according to a new study published in the jou...
Feb 15
What Science Says About Snacking and Breakfast
You still have to pay attention to what you eat if you want to avoid heart disease, but researchers say that when you eat is just as importa...
Feb 15
'Fear of finding out' is the reason people delay going to the doctor
A third of people put off going to the doctor because they are afraid to find out that something is wrong with them, researchers say. It...
Feb 15
A quarter of adults in the U.S. have hearing loss because of noise
Outside the workplace, more than half of adults younger than 70 have suffered hearing damage from everyday environmental noise.
Feb 15
6 Reasons to Eat a Handful Of Nuts Every Single Day
Cut your cancer risk! Lose weight! Make meals taste better! Is there anything nuts can't do?
Feb 15
Male Birth Control Gel Works in Monkeys
A new study shows Vasalgel, a new gel contraceptive for men, prevents pregnancy in monkeys
Feb 15
Human Gene Editing Receives Science Panel's Support
Pressed by controversial, advancing technology, an influential committee laid out the conditions under which human embryos might be engineer...
Feb 15
As GOP plows forward on Obamacare repeal, new data show the nation's uninsured rate hit a record low last year
The nation's uninsured rate tumbled further last year, hitting the lowest rate on record, according to new government data that underscored ...