Powered by AI, your Chatbot intelligently answers natural language questions, pulls in SHS multimedia content relevant to queries, digitizes the record request process, and much more.

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When do students usually
have questions about student

89% of students perform internet searches 7 PM – 2 AM and on weekends. A Chatbot provides real-time answers to health-related questions around the clock for student health centers.

Can we get 24/7 service?

CHATBOT ensures students have 24/7 access to
their most urgent questions, so student health is
there for students' needs around the clock.

CHATBOT works 365 days a year and can serve an
infinite number of students at the same time. No wait
times or need to make phone calls means serving
more students, and eliminating barriers, and
increasing staff effectiveness.

That sounds like a win-win!

How can I access my files?

CHATBOT also digitizes paper forms of the past, for
easier data collection and storage. This
spans everything from health record requests,
appointment scheduling, medical leave forms, etc.

Manage health data better through autonomous
doc-filling customized to student health centers'

Chatbot gets smarter.

Over time, Swellbox will help track the kinds of
questions that students are asking, and synthesize
unique data insights to make CHATBOT smarter,
and equip you with better population metrics on
your students.

Students can chat through the medium
they use most, facebook, txt or right
on the student health website.


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